Usually I don’t post my favourite looks on a Saturday, because as a blogger you usually have less visitors on Saturday – especially during the summer time 😉 But I didn’t want to wait much longer, because we shot these pictures almost two weeks ago..

Floral Maxi Dress

As I already told you yesterday, maxi dresses are one of the things I really like about the seventies trend, especially when they actually fit. With a height of almost 180cm it’s everything but easy finding a dress that’s long enough. Luckily Asos has a “Tall” section where you can find a lot of different clothes made for tall girls! 😀 So when I’m looking for clothes like maxi dresses, pants or skirts this section is always my first stop.

Since I have several black maxi dresses and only one that’s more colourful, I decided it’s time for a change and bought this beautful floral maxi dress from Glamorous – unfortunately it’s already sold out, but you can find some nice alternatives below.

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