A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, but that’s not the only reason we all should smile more often! The simple act of smiling does a lot: it makes you look friendly and happy, and it can change lives. There is always a good reason to smile; you can find five of them in the following. Before reading them ask yourself: How often do I smile per day? When do I smile? What makes me smile and happy? Could I smile more often?

5 Reasons To Smile More

1. It changes your mood

Sometimes we just do not feel like smiling, because we’re in a bad mood. But even when you do not feel like smiling, you should fake one. Why? Psychologists have found that if you smile for 60 seconds, it releases serotonin which tricks the body into making you feel happy again, and the body doesn’t know whether it’s a fake or real smile.

2. Smiling can make you and others happy

You already learned from the first reason to smile that it can make you feel better and happy. Always remember that a smile can make others happy as well, and this could make YOU happy again. Research shows that a smile is contagious, seeing someone smiling can activate your muscles to do the same without you being aware that you’re doing it. Have you ever tried to give somebody a smile? Do you remember the reaction? I’m sure the facial expression wasn’t an angry one!

3. You’ll be remembered

No matter what situation it is, no matter if you’re in a job interview or just meeting someone new, a smile makes sure that you’ll be remembered. But you’ll not only be remembered, but you’ll also be remembered in a positive way. A smile simply makes you more attractive to others in every single situation in life.

4. You’ll look younger and live longer

Did you know that smiling is a natural facelift? Well, it is, and that’s why it makes you look younger and more attractive to most people. Another positive effect of smiling is that you can hardly be negative when you’re smiling. A smile will change your mood in a positive one, and a positive attitude will increase life expectancy – that’s what researchers show. Happier people are less likely to develop heart problems than those who are unhappy.

5. It just feels good

All these reasons show you that a smile is not only the prettiest thing you can wear but also important for your body and mental health. A smile just makes you feel good, and that’s the most important reason. You don’t have to smile for others, but for you! So make sure to smile more often every day for a happy and healthy life.