Happy new week folks. Can you believe that there is only one month left until christmas? Wow, time flies.. but there is one month left and for now I’ll share the third 4 Days 4 Ways outfit with you, in which I show you the third way to wear a cape. 🙂

How to wear a Cape: chic outfit

For the third outfit I created a chic look and combined the cape with a black dress, my black floppy hat and black booties. It’s a very simple look and the cape just adds this special touch and makes it look easier at the same time.

When you’re going out during autumn and winter season it can be hard to create the perfect outfit – we always want to look chic and stay warm at the same time, don’t we? It isn’t a challenge to create a chic outfit, but it can be a challenge to create a chic yet warm outfit. So what should we do? The easiest way to create such a outfit is to wear whatever you would like to wear and to add a coat or jacket for the warmth – this is the part where it can become complicated. Here the solution: choose a cape, but a simple one. You can just throw it over et voilá here you have you chic yet warm outfit. 🙂

This is already the third outfit and there’s only one more waiting for you. Nevertheless I would like to know if you already have a favourite. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. xx

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