Wow, guys, it happened a lot the past week, and I’ll get right into it. Saturday was the last year of 2016 and, of course, we were spending NYE with our friends. We met up with them at 8 pm to eat dinner together before heading to a house party. I have to confess, that I don’t really care about that night, but it’s nice to hang out with friends, and it was definitely a nice night 🙂 There’s actually not much more I could tell you about it, but I’m sure you have some great stories to tell yourself 😉

On Sunday we had to pack our bags for Sri Lanka, so we spent most time of the day at home. We just left the house to drive to McDonald’s and get something to eat – it’s one of our New Year’s Rituals. I was super tired in the evening and fell asleep quite early. Our flight to Sri Lanka was on Monday, but before that, I had an appointment at my cosmetician to remove my false eyelashes. Afterwards, I drove to the office to get some last things done before heading home, packing the rest and driving to the airport. I was so happy to leave Berlin and to start a new adventure finally.


The flight was quite exhausting because our flight to Doha had a delay of four hours. We had to land at another airport to refuel because we weren’t able to land in Doha because of inclement weather. We were sitting on that plane for four hours before we finally continued to Doha. We thought we would have missed our connection flight, but luckily this was delayed as well and so we just made it in time to catch the flight from Doha to Colombo. In the end, we landed in Colombo two hours later than scheduled, but that’s better than one day later because of a missed flight 😉 We took a taxi to the hotel, ordered room service and fell asleep right away. I was super tired after that long trip. On Wednesday we started our three-day-trip, and we just finished it on Friday. I really enjoyed the trip; our driver was so helpful and very kind, and we saw a lot of things and places in these three days. I couldn’t have imagined a better

way to start our Sri Lanka holidays. I will tell you a little bit more about the things we did during these three days, so today I’ll just give you a quick overview:

We drove from Colombo to Kandy, stopped at an elephant orphanage as well as a spices/ herb garden and walked through the streets of Kandy in the evening. The next day we continued to Ella. We stopped at a waterfall that was dry (too bad), visited one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka, took a train ride to Ella and walked to Little Adam’s Peak in the evening to see the sunset. This was my favourite day of the three-day-trip. We started the last day with a walk to the Nine Arches Bridge, another highlight of this trip! It’s such a beautiful scenery and so much fun to walk along the railway tracks. Afterwards, we drove to another waterfall, and this one luckily wasn’t dry. Later we continued to the next town: Tissamaharama. We said goodbye to our driver and spent the rest of the day at the hotel to work a little bit and to relax. We were quite exhausted after these first days in Sri Lanka and needed a little chill time before the next activity the next day 😉