Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are enjoying your last day off before it’s time to get back to work tomorrow 🙂 I am for sure enjoying this Sunday, and I will probably head to the gym later today and maybe meet up with a friend. But nothing is set yet… and since it is Sunday, I will now first tell you everything about the past week, so let’s start with Saturday. The last weekend was a very calm and relaxed one. It was a little bit rainy on Saturday, that’s why we spent most of the time at home. My boyfriend had to work until noon, and I decided to use this time to do the laundry and clean my closet out a little bit. Afterwards, we went for a long walk with Jimmy, got changed and headed out for lunch at Vapiano. We also took some outfit pictures and even though it wasn’t that easy due to the gloomy and rainy weather, I am super satisfied with the results. I will share this outfit next week, that’s for sure.

The weather on Sunday was so much better, so I decided to watch my boyfriend playing soccer. The soccer match itself was only 90 minutes, but it took us about an hour to drive to the game as well as to drive back home. When we were back home, my boyfriend got ready, and I took Jimmy for a walk, so we could leave again as soon as possible to have dinner! I was starving because I only had breakfast and it was already 6 pm when we arrived home.


From Monday until Friday I spent a lot of time at the office – as almost every week. I wanted to be productive and get lots of work done, but even though I spent at least nine hours at the office every day, it feels as if I didn’t get anything done at all. Of course, I did all the things I have to do every week, but I have so much more I want to work on, and I couldn’t start doing these because it took me so long to do all the other stuff.
After spending so much time at the office, we tried to do something in the evening. On Monday we drove to the riverside, ate melon and watched Netflix. On Tuesday we had dinner at an Indian restaurant in our neighbourhood, and on Wednesday we drove to our favourite spot on the riverside again. We picked up something to eat first, took Jimmy with us and sat down for an hour or two. 🙂

Thursday was another day spent at the office – surprising! But we left a little bit earlier for dinner with my boyfriends family. We also wanted to take some pictures before the dinner, because Thursday was the day before my boyfriend flew to Miami for a week and we had to take the pictures for a collaboration I am sharing next week with you. When we were back home on Thursday evening, I didn’t do much but watching videos and tutorials on Youtube, and my boyfriend had to pack his bag for Miami. We fell asleep quite late, and I was super tired on Friday morning. Nevertheless, we drove to the office a little bit earlier than the rest of the week. My boyfriend wanted to finish off some work before he had to head to the airport around 11 am. I stayed at the office when he left and worked until 6 pm. I went grocery shopping afterwards, cooked myself something for dinner and watched Netflix until I fell asleep.