Christmas is coming closer way too fast, but luckily I made into to the city yesterday to buy some Christmas gifts. So there are only a few more to buy left. I’m sure I won’t finish before the 24th of December and will have to go for some last-minute-shopping. Every year the same procedure.. 😉

So now you know what I did most of the time yesterday. But how was the rest of the week? Well, I worked a lot and spent most time at the office. On Monday, I attended two events here in Berlin. First I visited On Time PR for some belated “Nikolaus Shopping” and I was at the Fabletics Clean Baking Session afterwards. We had the chance to watch Fabletics Master Patrycja baking some delicious Christmas cookies and sweets and, of course, to try them. 😉 I didn’t like all of them, but some were very delicious. Maybe I’ll try to make some of them next week. Have you already baked some Christmas cookies this year? 🙂

I guess that’s it for today. There’s not much more to tell you about last week since I was working most of the time. The next days won’t be any different. It’ll probably be all about work and preparing things for the upcoming holiday season because I don’t want to spend the holidays at the office. Hopefully, we can take some days off between Christmas and NYE. What are your plans for the holidays?

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