The past week was a fun week, but it was very exhausting at the same time. It was Fashion Week in Berlin and therefore I had a lot of events and shows to attend. My schedule wasn’t as busy as the past years, and I didn’t see any show at the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tent. This season I decided to spend most of my time at Der Berliner Mode Salon. I had the chance to be backstage with Wella Professionals and Sebastian Professional and to see not only the final result but also the making-of. I’ll tell you everything about it next week, so, for now, I won’t give you more information about the looks and everything that happened 😉 I saw the making-of as well as the final looks of six shows and one group exhibition. Additionally, I went to two Adidas events, a mymuesli event, as well as two partiers and I, had a quick stop at the Premium exhibition to see the new Manila Grace collection.

Sounds like a busy time? Well, it was a busy time. Fashion Week is always a lot of fun, but the days usually very early and end way too late 😉 Therefore I cancelled all my plans for Friday and didn’t go to the shows and events I was accredited for. I had a lie-in on Friday and went to the office around noon to catch up on all the work. It was the best decision to take it easy that day.

Since I’ll tell you everything about Fashion Week next week, there’s not much to add right now. I’ll publish a couple of posts about what I was doing, so make sure to stop by if you want to know more about my Fashion Week in Berlin. 🙂

Favourite Song of the past week: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Light Tunnels

Material Craving of the past week: all I want to wear after Fashion Week are white sneakers and overzided sweaters such as this Private Party sweater.

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