It’s the first day of May, and I am looking back, trying to remember what happened in April. The first thing that comes to my mind is that I can’t believe that four months of the year are already over, and we are still in lockdown in Germany. 1/3 of the year is already over but didn’t it just started?

It feels like every monthly recap started with these words, and I really hope that soon things will change.

But I also know that the pandemic still is ubiquitous and severe. It’s nothing we should underrate or ignore – even after more than a year.

But let’s not talk about the pandemic today. Of course, it affected and still affects everything I am doing, but it shouldn’t be the main topic of today’s post. Today I want to share the highlights of the month of April in 2021, so let’s do this.

I finally ordered the final furniture pieces for the office

I am sorry, I am making this a highlight, hahaha, but I am so happy I finally ordered my dream work desks and sideboard for the new office. It took me some time to decide on the final colors and styles since I wanted it to perfectly fit into my room and still offer enough space for our little photo studio – let me tell you, the smallest details make the difference here 😉

After two months, we are still not furnished, and I already know that we won’t be before June. But we are getting there—step by step. Most parts are already done, it’s more or less some more details and final touches.

I am still trying to film the whole process. I started with the first visit, continued with the moving out of our old office, moving all stuff into the new one and how we started building and setting up everything. I am thinking about cutting a short vlog for you I would then share on IG TV and/ or Youtube. Is this something you would like to see? Let me know. 🙂

I started an Instagram Live series with Amelie and Lois

Some of you might remember that I started a “visual talk” series with Amelie and Lois last year. We talked about different topics just as in a podcast but filmed the facetime call we then uploaded. We stopped after a little while – don’t ask me why; I think it just was hard to find dates and this format also took some time to prepare.

But we didn’t want to stop for good. So we came up with a new idea: doing Instagram Live instead. And we decided to focus on styling and fashion topics and doing a maximum of 15 minutes. I think we did three episodes so far, and it’s been so much fun. Unfortunately, we are currently not finding the time to go live again, which is because Lois started an internship, and on the weekends, I am usually taking some time off to focus on myself. But we are trying to figure something out, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first one to know when we are going live again. Until then, you can check out my IG TV section; I uploaded the first three episodes there for you.

Our new ONWEEKENDS pants finally arrived

After months of work, checking different samples, and changing things, again and again, we finally received our final pants order for ONWEEKENDS. It’s been stressing me out, to be honest, but I am more than happy that they are finally done and ready to go online. We created two new jogger styles and will also launch new socks as well as crop t-shirts and our sweater in another color. We will soon share the launch date in our newsletter, so make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss it. Newsletter members will be the first ones to know and get early access.

Once the new styles arrived, we also planned a photo shooting, and it was so much fun. I teamed up with two friends who just founded a content production and social media agency called Never Offline. They took care of the whole planning and styling process, so I didn’t really have to do anything, which was really nice for a change 😉 As soon as I have the photos and videos, I will, of course, share them with you.

I said goodbye to Berlin for a month

I’ve kept something a secret from you for some time, guys. The main reason was that I didn’t know if it would even happen in the end. And another reason was that I wasn’t sure how to tell you. I left Berlin for a month and flew to Indonesia on the 28th of April.

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while now know that Bali is one of my favorite places on earth and that we’ve traveled there every year since 2017. During our first travel to Bali, we contacted some locals, and in 2018 we started Onvacay, an online shop with products from Bali.

We had planned a business trip to Bali for May 2020 to source new products and contact locals we could work with, but due to the pandemic, we had to cancel this trip. We first wanted to go end of 2020, but it still didn’t feel like a good idea. It still isn’t the best idea to travel this far during a global pandemic, but in March, we finally decided we couldn’t postpone it anymore and started planning a business trip to Bali for the end of April.

Since we work only with locals from Bali and no big companies, it can be a challenge sometimes. It definitely is much easier to source new products and get in contact when you are on the island. And we really want to continue supporting the locals rather than companies. The pandemic and the lack of new products and the possibility to order from Bali really affected our business.

I was so unsure about the decision to go to Bali and didn’t know if we could make it happen or not; I didn’t believe it’s really happening until the day we entered the plane.

At the moment, you can only travel to Indonesia when you have a business visa. Someone from Indonesia has to apply for it for you. It wasn’t that much of a challenge for us with all the needed documents, but we didn’t get the approval until a week before our planned departure. As soon as we had it, we finally could book everything else. We booked our flight and the quarantine hotel in Jakarta. If you fly to Indonesia, you have to quarantine in a hotel for five nights. You are not allowed to leave the room at all and have to take a PCR test the day after your arrival and the fourth day. While I am writing this, we are still in our hotel quarantining. Since this is something that happened in May, I will tell you more about it in next months recap 😉

I am happy, I finally told you. Now I would love to know what you would like to see from our time in Bali. Should I take you along on the hunt for new products and suppliers? Would you like to see impressions from the island? Traveling is a sensitive topic, and that’s how I want to handle it. So please let me know what you would like to see and know, and I will share it 🙂

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