Since we were celebrating four years last week on Sunday, I didn’t share a “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”-post with you. But we’re back to normal, so here is a little recap of what happened the past week. As you already know it has been a very busy week, I had a lot of work to get done and was totally exhausted on Friday and more than ready for the weekend. Yesterday was very calm, we only shot a new outfit, watched TV and Netflix and didn’t do a lot at all. Today will be a similar day 😉 But that’s how I love my weekends: calm and relaxed.

The pictures are summery of my past week. We made delicious pancakes with pomegranate on Monday and ate them while we were watching the new episode of The Walking Dead. This was the last episode before the break, now we have to wait a couple of months for the next one -.- but I hope it’ll be worth the wait. We didn’t eat all the pancakes that evening – I made about 15 -, so I had some of them left for breakfast on Tuesday! 🙂 Another food highlight was the delicious pizza you can see in the following! I enjoyed it to the fullest.

Enough food talk. I hope you like the pictures we shot for you during the past week. Leave me a comment and let me know what you did the past week 🙂 Have a great Sunday. xx

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