April was a very busy month, I travelled a lot and didn’t have a lot of time to work on new projects. That’s why I’m a bit happy about the fact that no travel is planned for may – so far. 😉 I know that this opinion will change in a bit, but for now, I’m happy with being home for a while haha. Because now I have time to work on new project, plan new things and to enjoy some beautiful spring and hopefully soon summer days in Berlin.

The past week I first had to catch up on a lot of things, but next week I’ll finally start with working on new projects. In addition to all the work that was waiting for me on Monday, I had the time to go to the gym as well, and it felt so good to work out again after almost two weeks. I also attended two events: a Microsoft event as well as a ghd event. It was a great diversion to all the work, and I enjoyed seeing some of the other blogger girls again 😉

Thursday was an official holiday, so we decided to work from home that day as well as the following day. These two days were very calm, and we didn’t only work but also enjoyed the sunshine outside. Did I mention that I love Berlin in spring and summer? Well, as long as the sun is shining 😉 We went for a walk, ate ice cream and soaked in all the sunshine. We had done almost the same yesterday before we went to the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin to see The Wyld. I can highly recommend this show! 🙂

So that’s it. I didn’t travel the past week, but it was a great one anyways! I didn’t only sit at the office, but also attended two events, went outside and saw a great show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. What was your past week about?

Favourite Song of the past week: Shameboy – Trippin

Material Craving of the past week: love this Festival Overall from Asos and I would combine them with these sandals <3

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