While you’re reading this, I’m already driving from one Fashion Week event to the other. Today Fashion Week Berlin officially begins and the first day is always the busiest day! But nevertheless, I’m looking forward to all the events I’m attending today as well as all the other days. 🙂 Since it is always a little bit difficult to keep you posted on the blog during Fashion Week, I prepared a couple of posts for the upcoming days. Today I want to start with a very summery outfit post:

Summer on my mind: Snake Print Swimsuit

You’ve seen this snake print swimsuit before when I shot some pictures inside to tell you more about Surania and how to customise your swimwear online. The other day it was so freaking hot, we decided to go for a morning swim, and I finally had the perfect occasion to wear my new swimsuit. 🙂 We spent no longer than 30 minutes at the Lido, but it was absolutely worth it. That day we had more than 25°C at 9 am, so you can imagine how hot and humid it was. I jumped in the pool, we took a couple of pictures and swam a couple of laps before we left for a meeting.

We also had a couple of minutes to lay down and sunbath aka dry for a couple of minutes 😉 I had my new Terra Nation towel with me as well as their Tanekopu Beach Bag. This backpack is perfect for days by the pool or beach. It fits everything, has a lot of organising pockets including an insulated cooling compartment and a moisture tight compartment if you need to carry wet objects such as I had to after the morning swim. Terra Nation has much more outdoor beach gear and tools to offer, the beach bag and towel are only two of the essentials everybody needs. What do you always take with you to the beach and how do you carry it?

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