Sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself focused at work during the whole day, especially when it’s summer! We all know these attention seeking, unnecessary task, but how can we make sure to avoid all of them? To be honest, I have this problem myself right NOW! It’s freaking hot outside, and I’m a bit hungry, that’s what makes is hard for me to keep myself focused. Let’s handle this problem, today I want to share some tips to improve your focus at work:

How to keep yourself focused at work

1. Get your workplace organised

A messy workplace can be distracting, so make sure to get your workspace organised with the things you need for your job only. Put everything else away properly, especially all these things that could distract you. Make sure to have a place for everything you need, so you don’t have to leave your workplace until you finished your task. The organisation of your workplace is one important thing, but make sure to have a clean workplace as well.

2. Write a daily To-Do-List

I do this every single day in the morning because a To-Do-List is the most helpful tool for me. It helps me to remember all the things I have to do while I don’t have to keep them in mind while doing one of them. You can barely keep yourself focused on one thing if you have to keep all the others in mind. My To-Do-List is always beside my Macbook, so I can always see it and cross out the tasks I finished. Crossing the tasks out is a great way to see how much you finished already and to see the progress of your work. 🙂

3. Have enough water and snacks nearby

Probably the most important thing 😉 Drinking water isn’t only necessary for your health, but also your concentration, because it refreshes you. Once you feel the first sign of hunger, a glass of water can push them away, so you can finish what you’re doing first and have a break later. Make sure to have enough water nearby, so you don’t have to walk to the water stations or the like, this would distract you a lot! The same applies to food: it’s normal to get hungry or an appetite for something during the day. Instead of dropping everything and getting something to eat, you should make sure to have some snacks nearby.

4. Stay away from Facebook & Co.

Social Networks are evil, so make sure to stay away from them unless they’re a part of your work. Discipline yourself to log in only when you have to do something or when you have some extra minutes free. Usually, we stay much longer than we planned because there is always at least one new, interesting post we want to know more about. Ask yourself: do I have to check Facebook & Co. every hour? Do I need to know what’s going on, while I’m at work? Be honest with yourself and try to reduce your visits.

5. Take short breaks

We all know these moments when nothing seems to work when we do not have two brain cells to rub together. Take a short break when it comes to this situation, not a long one! Take 10 minutes, leave your workplace, go for a short stroll, drink something and take deep breaths before you go back to work. It’ll refresh you mind and allows you to stay focused again.

I hope these five tips were helpful, and you’ll have fewer problems to keep yourself focused at work. What do you usually to stay focused? Don’t hesitate to share your tips with me. 🙂