It has been very difficult to take new outfit pictures the last days. It’s rainy and freaking windy, what makes it almost impossible to shoot outside. But we tried our best and took advantage of some rainless hours the other day. You can see the result in the following:

White Button-Down Shirt

A classic white button-down shirt with a special cut? Yes, please! I’m totally into basics, and I always try to find some nice ones that are supposed to be a part of my wardrobe for a looong time. Well, it works more or less good. I got the white shirt you can see in these pictures a couple of days ago, it’s from a Hungarian brand called 1975 Fashion. It’s actually not a real basic because it has a very special cut and you can’t wear it to as many occassions as a classic white button-down. But sometimes it’s nice to have a choice, a choice that’s a little bit less basic and more special. 😉 I have four or five different white button-down shirts in my wardrobe, and they’re all different. They are made of different fabrics, and they have different cuts – the perfect selection! How many white button-down shirts do you own? 🙂 – Independent Hungarian Designers

As I already mentioned, the white shirt is from a Hungarian brand and I got it from is a platform that helps independent Hungarian designers to grow their business to an international level. The designers can showcase their high-quality and unique products online, and people from all over the world can shop these pieces and learn more about the story behind every brand. I really like the idea of helping these designers to grow their business and to reach their dreams. And they really have some nice pieces – as you can see! 🙂

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