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I hope you all had a great St. Nicholas’ Day and got a little something from your beloved ones. 😉 In Berlin it was snowing for the first time this winter, but more muddy than pretty. Usually I prefer to enjoy the snow at home than outside.
Enough about the weather, lets talk about the important things, lets talk about my outfit! I have to confess, the pictures aren’t from yesterday we took them some days ago. As you can see it was warm enough to combine my new chequered True Religion shirt with my denim jacket. I won’t be able to wear this at the height of winter. I was so lucky when I found this plaid shirt from True Religion on sale for only 19 Euros some weeks ago. I felt in love with the colours of the chequers, the friendly mix of colours, the blue and pink. I called this pot chequer chaos because of the different chequers: small, big, large, short, straight and diagonal, to cut the matter short: chequers chaos. But now I want to know: do you have a favourite plaid shirt? And how would you combine it?

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Zara Jacket // True Religion Shirt // Zara Jeans // Buffalo Boots // Longchamp Bag