Good morning and happy Thursday! I hope you guys enjoyed the looks I’ve shared with you this week so far. Have you already seen them? It’s pretty nice that the sun is shining a lot lately because it’s so much more fun to shoot new outfits when it’s sunny outside. You might have noticed that we tried to capture the autumnal feeling in the last post, but not today. We shot these pictures in front of a building, and it almost looks like it’s spring, doesn’t it?

Furry Situation in Autumn

I haven’t been wearing this faux fur jacket for quite a while, and I actually don’t know why. Maybe because I just have too many jackets, and I definitely need to find a better solution where to stock them. At the moment, they’re at the very top inside my shoe cabinet, and it’s always a challenge to get one of them out. But we want to redesign our hallway, and this will be one of the big changes! But back on topic. It’s getting colder in Berlin, but the sun is shining what makes it a little bit better. It’s still possible to wear jackets with nothing but a shirt underneath, and I’m more than happy about it. I combined my mixed faux fur jacket with a white long shirt, dark grey jeans and boots; simple yet chic! This is one of the outfits I really like because it’s comfortable yet fancy and everything but boring. What do you think about it?

Autumn Outfits

I already told you some things about autumn outfits and all the challenges they bring along in yesterday’s post. It’s much easier to get dressed when it’s sunny outside because you don’t have to be prepared for the rain. You do not have to wear gummies and an umbrella, you can wear booties and all the jackets you like instead. Especially (faux) fur jackets can’t be worn when it’s rainy. So make sure to wear them whenever it’s not, whenever the sun is shining. 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday! xx

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