FRIYAY! and it’s freaking hot outside. Not sure if I’ll be able to stay at the office the whole 8 hours today 😉 We’ll see… what are your plans for today? Is the weather where you are as amazing as in Berlin?

Bohemian Touch

During these hot days I definitely prefer easy outfits, so it’s pretty hard to create interesting and varying outfits. The other day I chose another top and shorts combination and tried to top it off with some accessories with a bohemian touch: necklace, rings and bangle. The accessories were much needed, because otherwise the outfit would have been pretty boring.. that’s the problem with these summer days. They may be pretty amazing, but not regarding the outfits. 😉

The best you can do, if you want to create an non-boring outfit, is to add accessories such as jewelry, a nice bag, sunglasses and even a nice hairstyle can be a nice accessoire to top off simple outfits. You see, I’m bringing the conversation round to another topic of this post: the hairstyle and my first try to do the double french braids by myself!

Hairstyle: Double French Braids

The “double french braids” is definitely one of the trend hairstyles this summer. But it’s not only a trend, it’s the perfect hairstyle for hot summer days. Why? Because you don’t have annoying hairs in your face and even the neck is clear of hair – and I’m sure you know how annoying and hot it can be with you hair in the neck, don’t you? 😉 If you know how to do the french braids you won’t have a problem with the double french braids. Just give it a try and let me know, if it worked! 🙂

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