Everything in Sydney is so inspiring, all the colours, the trees, the weather – everywhere I go, I see at least one location I would like to shoot at 😀 Even the location of todays photos were found very spontaneous. I was just walking down the street near out flat when I saw this DIP sign between the trees. I really like this extra touch of colour as a contrast to the green trees and my black/grey outfit.

Embroidered Levi’s Shorts

All black (grey) everything as a contrast to the background! That’s what yesterday’s outfit was about. 🙂 I combined my embroidered Levi’s Shorts with a simple grey top and my Birkenstocks, added my GUFO sunglasses et voilá. These Levi’s shorts are still one of my favourites and I definitely want another pair of Levi’s shorts. Does anyone know where I can find some nice pairs in Sydney? Any advice is welcome! 😀

Birkenstock Arizona

Let’s talk about my Birkenstocks. I know that most of you hate them… it’s the same old story we talked about last year 😉 You know, that I first didn’t like Birkenstock, because in Germany they’re discredited, they are medical shoes… nothing you would associate with fashion. Since last year. Things changed and Birkenstocks became kinda fashionable. Anyways, even I changed my mind and bought two pairs of Birkenstock last year. I don’t think they’re very fashionable, but I made friends with this trend especially because they’re super comfortable. 😉

Let me know what you think, guys! xx

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