4 Days 4 Ways

Let’s talk about christmas outfits. Yesterday I showed you a Christmassy look wearing a red Leslie Van dress. And some of you might only think about which dress to buy and to wear when it comes to christmas outfits. Well, so did I – unusual thinking for a girl that uses to wear jeans and boyfriend shirts. But the reason why I talk that much about dresses is that I wanted to show you a different way how to dress on Christmas Eve. For the second outfit of this 4 Days 4 Ways Christmas Special I combined a black jeans with my white Zara shirt with appliqués on the wrists and of course with a pair of High Heels.
You can exchange the black jeans for a pair of pants, a chino or whatever fits you the best. But one thing is for sure: you don’t have to wear a dress on Christmas Eve, go for a pair of jeans or pants this year 🙂

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Zara Shirt // Mango Jeans // Bruno Banani Shoes