Guys, first of all, I need to let you know, that there are only four days left until we’re flying to Thailand! Who is as excited as I am? 😀 That’s why last week was all about preparing and planning this trip. We finally booked the last flights and hotels, and I started packing my bags yesterday. Today I’ll probably continue packing my stuff, work a little bit and, of course, relax.

But last week I didn’t only plan and prepare our Thailand trip, I also had to do preparatory work. In between work and packing I luckily had the chance to enjoy the partly very nice weather in Berlin. It’s still freezing cold, but the sun was shining now and then. Now only the temperatures need to rise, the sun needs to stay, and I’m happy. I hope it will be much warmer when we’re back from Thailand because I’m getting very tired of the winter weather… what about you?

You see, there’s not much I could tell you about my past week. Hopefully, it’ll change next Sunday when I can tell you a little bit about our first days in Thailand 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday and let me know how your past week was.

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