HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! <3 So do you have any special plans for today? I know, probably not all of you like Valentines Day. That's why I won't talk about it in detail today ;) Instead, I'll tell you more about my past week as always in my "24 hours a day, 7 days a week"-posts. After one week of travelling the past week has been very busy. I had lots of work to get done and to organize our trip to Thailand. Can you believe it's less than two weeks left before we are going? I really can't wait! :)

I was a little bit under the weather at the beginning of the week but luckily felt so much better on Wednesday. I went to the gym a couple of days because I need to work on my bikini body for Thailand 😉 But that’s mostly it. Work, gym and series – that’s what my past week was all about. One highlight was my visit to the On Time Office to choose some VILA clothes for our Thailand trip. I can’t wait to shoot them and show you the result as soon as possible. I really hope the wifi won’t be that bad in Thailand.. do you have any experiences with Thailand and their wifi connection? Does it work or is it really bad?

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about another highlight: on Thursday, I attended the Nespresso dinner. It was all about coffee and lots of food. Very good food! All dishes were made with different Nespresso coffees. Did you know that coffee is a flavour enhancer?

Since there’s nothing more to tell you about my past week, I would like to know everything about yours! What did you do? What was your highlight? Tell me everything. xx

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