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As a blogger it’s difficult stay on top of things when it comes to their wardrobe, that’s why we have to clean our wardrobes from time to time. Thereby we can make space for new clothes and give you the chance to buy some of our pieces for pretty low prices. All the pieces I sell are things I wore only once or not at all. These are all pieces I would wear myself, but often I already have something similar in my wardrobe or I’m just not wearing it even though I like it. And sometimes it’s better to give it aways and to give someone else the chance to wear it.

Shop my closet at Mädchenflohmarkt

In the following you can find some of my pieces I’m sellting at Mädchenflohmarkt. Most of the pieces are new, they’re in a very good condition and are waiting for a new owner. Head over to Mädchenflohmarkt for your chance to buy some pretty nice clothes for low prices.

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