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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The first full week in Berlin after traveling for a month is over and guys, it feels so good to be back. At the same time I am, of course, missing the sunshine and warmth, but at the moment I am just enjoying being back at the office and getting things done. I…

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The Bali Travel Guide: Hotels

It's time to come to an end with all the posts from Bali, and I want to end with sharing two more accommodations. But this time I won't share private pool villas we stayed at, this time I want to talk about two hotels we stayed at when we were in Bali. And even…

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The Bali Travel Guide: Restaurants

As you might already know (and might have seen on my Instagram), we ate a lot when we were in Bali. I usually find it quite challenging to find good restaurants when I am on vacation and especially in Asia I always had a lot of problems. But in Bali, everything was surprisingly delicious,…

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How to wear Boyfriend Jeans this fall

Oh, I am so excited, because today is the day we are flying to Bali! The flight is tonight around 10 pm, so I have a couple of hours left to get some work done and, of course, to pack my bags. And packing my bags will probably take a lot of time because…

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Getting ready for winter with my TOMS boots

I still have plenty of pictures from Bali left and, of course, we also took a lot of pictures in Portugal I want to share with you as soon as possible. But we also took outfit pictures when we were in Berlin last week, and I want to share these pictures first. Today…

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