Stockholm Fashion Week #2

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While we’re on our way back to Berlin, I have the second outfit of Stockholm Fashion Week Day 1 for you. I already told you that I had to change my outfit, because of the shoes, so it’s no wonder I was wearing sneaker instead of high heels. ;) Stockholm Fashion Week Day 1 Since […]

Stockholm Fashion Week #1

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Can’t believe we took these pictures a week ago. Time passes by so quickly… as you probably know, we are in Munich at the moment. We arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow. I’ll tell you more about what we’re doing here and stuff soon, so stay tuned. But before I continue with new things, new […]

TRX Lower Body Exercises for stronger, leaner legs and a shaped, toned butt

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Good morning folks. Are you ready for the third and last part of our TRX series? Sophia and I already showed you some TRX Upper Body as well as TRX Core Exercises and today’s post is all about effective TRX Lower Body Exercises. Have you already tried some of the exercises we shared with you […]

Gone off the shoulder

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A couple of days ago, we came back from two days in Stockholm, and I really can’t wait to share my looks and everything I experienced in this city with you. But before that I still have some outfits I wore the days before our trip, and I really want to share them first. :) […]

Time to get cosy again

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Off to new adventures with the KLM Dream Deals

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TRX Core Exercises for defined abs and a strong back

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Another Day, Another Kimono Outfit

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Give your Kimono a different Look

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Denim Summer

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