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Autumn Essentials: black boots and leather jacket

And happy Friday folks! You see, I wasn't lying when I said I am getting used to autumn earlier this week. I do have a lot of fun getting dressed and trying new outfit combinations, playing with autumn essentials or simply wearing a very simple autumn outfit teaming all the basics with each…

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One piece, two trends: plaid button down pants

Last week I was talking about one of the biggest trends in fashion right now: button-down pants. I told you that it wasn't that easy for me to find a pair of button down pants that fit perfectly and here I am showing you a second pair I just received. So sometimes you just…

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Wearing a casual chic outfit at the office + Life Update

We actually didn't plan to take any outfit pictures that day. All I asked my boyfriend was to take one picture for Instagram, but he had so much fun taking the pictures and testing several locations, that I decided to use these pictures not only for Instagram but also for the blog. It…

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Striped Body with a low neckline

Today is the day I am already sharing the last Fashion Week Outfit we took pictures of. I mentioned before that I didn't have the time to shoot every single outfit I was wearing, but at least I can share my two favourite outfits. The one I shared yesterday and the one I…

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Blue Ruffle Dress

Good morning and happy Friday from Spain! :) While we are spending a relaxing day in the sun, probably somewhere by the sea or on our beautiful rooftop terrace. Whatever we are doing, you can follow me along on Instagram. On the blog, I am sharing another outfit today taken pictures of in…

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