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When you get to wear a dress in November

Looking at these pictures, I can't believe, that I was still wearing dresses only two weeks ago. The weather in Lisbon is definitely much better than in Berlin, and we got to enjoy some beautiful, sunny days the week we were there. Of course, it got quite chilly and windy in the afternoons, but…

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Why Cascais is worth a visit

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am finally sharing the first post with pictures taken in Portugal. I would have loved to share them earlier, but I first wanted to publish all the Bali related posts on the blog. Now that that’s done, it’s time for everything Portugal related, and I can’t wait to…

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The right haircare products from System Professional for different weather conditions

The past week couldn't have been more contrasty relating to the weather conditions. At the beginning of October I was in Berlin and then London, where we had temperatures around 15°C. Mid of October I flew to Indonesia where tropical temperatures, as well as a lot of sunshine, were waiting for me. After two…

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How to wear Boyfriend Jeans this fall

Oh, I am so excited, because today is the day we are flying to Bali! The flight is tonight around 10 pm, so I have a couple of hours left to get some work done and, of course, to pack my bags. And packing my bags will probably take a lot of time because…

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Getting ready for winter with my TOMS boots

I still have plenty of pictures from Bali left and, of course, we also took a lot of pictures in Portugal I want to share with you as soon as possible. But we also took outfit pictures when we were in Berlin last week, and I want to share these pictures first. Today…

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