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Travel Vlog – surfing in morocco

When you think of Morocco, you are most certainly thinking of a fascinating oriental country with bustling markets and colourful cities, but hardly a surf vacation.Morocco - surfers paradiseBut yep, Morocco is also a real surfer's paradise and still an insider tip among travellers. Who would have thought that? That's why we decided to choose…

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Travel Vlog – Cascais to Lisbon

We decided to spent my birthday in Portugal to get some sunshine and a break from our everyday life in Berlin. On top of our to-do list was the capital Lisbon, but that's not where we stayed most of the time.Accommodation in CascaisWe had accommodation in Cascais, a smaller town about half an hour from…

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Surfing in Sri Lanka – Vlog and travel guide

Sri Lanka for surfingThere are many hotspots for surfers worldwide, but this time we decided to travel to Sri Lanka. To the south of the island to be exact, because it is a real paradise for surfers. We wanted to see it ourselves and go back onto the board after a long time of no…

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Sri Lanka mountains – a travel vlog with video

Sri Lanka is the perfect island when you are looking for a travel destination that is rich in variety. I immediately fell in love with all the colours, the scents and all the different people we met. It is always warm on this island due to the nearness to the equator, and everything smells like…

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