Two weeks ago we spent a day at Helenesee, an artificially arranged lake with a nice beach and some shops around. It’s not in Berlin; you have to drive around an hour to get there, but it’s definitely worth it. While every lake and every open air bath in Berlin is overcrowded on hot summer days, Helenesee isn’t. Of course, you won’t be alone on that beach, but it’s so much better than spending the day at one of the crowded places in Berlin. Helenesee is the perfect place, if you want to relax, sunbath and refresh in the lake.

My first Vlog

A couple of weeks ago we decided to film some vlogs for you guys. Where everything but professional video makers, but I really like the idea of sharing some impressions of my life in a video as well and not only in pictures. We still have to figure out what would work best, have to buy a video camera and learn a lot more about Adobe Premiere Pro 😉 But everybody has to start somewhere and so do we. We used our new Sony Alpha 77 II for the first vlog, which was a little bit tricky because the camera is quite heavy and it’s not very steady during filming x) So please excuse the partly unsteady recordings.

We took advantage of our day trip to Helenesee to create my first Vlog, but actually, we didn’t do a lot of all. We were sunbathing most of the time, and I almost fell asleep. The water was too cold to go for a swim. Therefore we only walked into the water until our knees were covered with water. The water of Helenesee is very clear for a lake, the other ones I visit in Berlin are not clear at all. You can’t see the ground even when you’re staying on the waterfront. Therefore I usually don’t want to go for a swim in these lakes.. you never know what’s waiting underneath x) And you hear horror stories from time to time, last year they were talking about a huge catfish, biting people and pulling them underwater. Well, I’m not gonna believe that… Enough Lake stories, have a look at the video and let me know what you think. Should we create some more Vlogs?

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