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desired wool coat

Yay, happy midweek guys! As I told/ cautioned you yesterday here is another checkered look wearing my new Zara wool coat. I desired this wool coat for a long time - you've seen them on my wish list for months - and I was so happy when I found it on sale. I didn't had…

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chequers again and again

As you propably can see can't get enough of checked patterns. ;) That new sweater is one of my newest buys, it came with my latest Zara order. I ordered a total of three garments - all checkered! I wear chequers again and again, showing you the different patterns and ways how to combine them.…

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that camouflage

These pics where taken just before the turn of the year, but I didn't had the time to share them with you. I really like this look, cause I'm wearing my favourite pair of Nike Air Max 1 with that perfect camouflage detail. You have seen them several times, but this time I combined my…

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New year, New outfits

The new has just started and here is the first outfitpost of the new year and one of the first looks I wore in 2014. :) And what to wear after a long party night celebrating the turn of the years? Of course, comfy and simple looks! ;) Therefore I decided to wear my J…

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New Year’s Eve

This time I chose black and white colours for my New Year's Eve outfit: new Forever 21 top with black lace details and one of my favourite pair of black jeans from Zara. At first I was thinking about wearing a dress, cause I don't wear them pretty often and for me special events like…

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Best of 2013

The last day of 2013 has arrived, but hasn't 2013 only just started? It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating the new year 2013 and it's every year the same: the next turn of the year seems so far away, but in the end it goes by way to fast. But I don't want…

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keeping it simple

The holidays are over and I'm back in my everyday life - for now, til NYE ;). During the days between christmas and NYE I'm keeping it simple: black shorts, black sweater and black coat combined with Pull&Bear Sneaker Wedges and my vintage MCM. It's the perfect everyday life outfit. I wore it yesterday while…

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Another look I wore during the christmas days. After a skirt and a dress it was time to wear a jeans again ;) And here is the result: Mango Jeans and Zara cropped sweater. The Zara sweater is new and I love it. I love the shape and the fluffy material. This time I had…

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Christmas goose

During the holidays I have a lot of christmas dinners and one of these dinners is at my grandmas house. Every year she cooks a delicious christmas goose with red cabbage, green cabbage and dumplings - nomnomnom. :) For this day I chose an outfit that might look familiar to you ;) Cause it's another…

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