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Fashion Week Outfit: White Boho Dress and Platform Sneakers

It's a new week and time to share the last outfits from Berlin Fashion Week. I have two outfits left I want to share with you this week, and both are looks you can not only wear for fashion week but also in your everyday life. I mentioned before that it is more important…

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Bohemian Summer Outfit

Another day calls for another summer outfit and here it is: a bohemian summer outfit I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. We took these outfit pictures the weekend before our London trip, almost three weeks ago. I didn't have the time to share it earlier because the weather wasn't very summery the week…

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Little Black Dress

Black dress and black boots for summer? Yes, please! In today's post, I want to share another outfit inspiration with you. It's summer in Berlin, and I'm so happy I can finally wear all my summer clothes. Additionally, I love to buy new ones x) Summer is the season I purchase a lot of new…

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Another Day, Another Kimono Outfit

Good morning and happy weekend. I hope you have two relaxing days ahead. :) We have no special plans, so our weekend will be very relaxing before we're leaving Berlin for Stockholm Fashion Week. I have never been in Stockholm before, and I've never attended another Fashion Week than the Berlin Fashion Week, so I'm…

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Double French Braids

FRIYAY! and it's freaking hot outside. Not sure if I'll be able to stay at the office the whole 8 hours today ;) We'll see... what are your plans for today? Is the weather where you are as amazing as in Berlin? Bohemian Touch During these hot days I definitely prefer easy outfits, so it's…

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Flower Child

Usually I don't post my favourite looks on a Saturday, because as a blogger you usually have less visitors on Saturday - especially during the summer time ;) But I didn't want to wait much longer, because we shot these pictures almost two weeks ago.. Floral Maxi Dress As I already told you yesterday, maxi…

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