Today I’m already sharing the last look shot in Paris. I’m not sure which outfit of our Paris trip is my favourite, but I really like this one. If you would ask me for my favourite outfit, I couldn’t give you an answer. But I can tell you which day was the best: the last one. Not only because the sun was shining in Paris, but also because we spent most of the time in a park eating and sunbathing. The last day in Paris was a very calm one, because we did most of the things we wanted to do the days before and were a little bit exhausted from the days before x)

Paris Outfit #3 – White Shirt and a Neckerchief

Well, even the last Paris outfit is a casual yet chic one. This time, I was wearing my white Superstars from Adidas again, they were a bit more comfortable than the black boots and I liked the idea of adding another white garment in addition to the white shirt. A white shirt is one of the basics every Parisienne has in her wardrobe, so I definitely had to take one with me to Paris. 😉 I opted for a very simple combination, so I didn’t add a lot of clothes or details. There is only one special detail: the neckerchief. I usually don’t wear neckerchiefs, but it was perfect to add a Parisian touch to my last outfit.

How do you like my Paris Outfit #3? Which one is your favourite? Let me know what you think and leave me a comment. You can find the other two Paris outfits here and here. Enjoy your Thursday everyone. xx

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