Christmas is coming closer; there are less than for weeks left! Time to think about the outfit you want to wear during the festive season. Usually, I think about it for a couple of weeks, I collect inspirations and picture the exact outfit I want to wear. The only problem: it’s supposed to end in chaos because I don’t own these clothes I need for the outfit I pictured to myself. When I go shopping to find these clothes I usually do it at the very last moment and well, usually I can’t find the clothes I need! But this time, I’ll do it differently!

The Perfect Cosy Christmas Outfit from Topshop

Picturing an outfit first and looking for the clothes afterwards usually doesn’t work. It didn’t work the last year and I’m sure it won’t work this year as well. That’s why I started the other way around: I visited the online shop from Topshop, browsed through their clothes and picked out some pieces I like, and I could imagine to wear during the festive season. Next I selected pieces from the collection I made before that would work together. You can see the final choice in the following. It’s the perfect cosy Christmas outfit. Usually, I spend the 24th of December at my parents place; that’s why my festive outfit needs to be chic, but comfortable at the same time and it has so keep me warm. I chose the dress because it’s not only sparkling, it’s comfortable at the same time, and you can perfectly combine it with a pair of jeans. Why did I choose jeans instead of tights? I’m not a fan of tights; I always prefer wearing jeans why I LOVE the dress-over-jeans-trend! Jeans will keep you warmer than tights will, so they’re a good option. Last but not least I would add this beautiful coat. Isn’t it amazing?

Which piece do you like best? What do you usually wear on Christmas eve and during the festive season? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. 🙂 xx

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