This outfit is probably not what I’m used to wear, but I really like it and I felt pretty comfortable in it. Sometimes we just have to try new things, new styles and of course, new trends. So today’s look is my take on the Seventies Trend.

70s are back

This year everybody is talking about the 70s and of course, everybody is wearing this trend. When it comes to the 70s trend, there are a lot of possibilities. And guess what? The seventies trend is one of the easiest to recreate, and one of the most comfortable to wear. But this doesn’t mean that we all have to like this trend. I’m always sceptical about new trends, but sooner or later I find myself buying this trend. 😉 Why? Because you don’t have to like every single detail about a trend, sometimes there are only a few things you like about it. One thing I really don’t like about the seventies trend are the flared jeans. But there are other things I really like: suede, maxi dresses, fringes, lace up sandals – just to name a few. 🙂 You see, you don’t have to like every single detail about a trend to wear it.

Pepe Jeans Outfit

I combined this 70s outfit in collaboration with Pepe Jeans, because you can find several styles capturing the seventies trend in stores and online. I chose classic blue jeans and this beautiful off-shoulder shirt as well as a pair of wedges to finalize the 70s look. I already told you that I really don’t like flared jeans, so it’s probably no wonder that I chose this skinny pair of jeans, is it? 😉 How would you wear the seventies trend and what do you think about the outfit I created?

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In Cooperation with Pepe Jeans