Happy Sunday everyone! The past week was another very busy week. After spending the whole May in Berlin with no travels and lots of calm days, it was time for more action and June seems to be such an eventful month. You already know that I was in Munich for a day the first week of June and last week, the second week of June, I spent two days in Amsterdam. Additionally, I had a couple of events in Berlin, so it really was a busy week. But let’s start with the past weekend before talking about what I did from Monday to Friday.

You already know that I spent last Friday in Munich, so I had to fly back to Berlin on Saturday. My flight was early in the morning, because Larissa (StyleGlow), a friend from Mainz, was in Berlin for the weekend. We met in the afternoon and spent a couple of hours at the 25 hours hotel as well as their rooftop bar: Monkey Bar. The Monkey Bar is one of my favourite locations in Berlin-West because they do not only serve amazing food and cocktails, but you always have an amazing view of the Zoo as well as the Ku’Damm. Since I had a long night in Munich and only four hours of sleep I left very early that evening. Therefore, we met on Sunday again. This time, we decided to go to a café where we drank smoothies and ate avocado bread. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spent my Sunday 🙂

The weekend was over and because of the upcoming travel to Amsterdam I had to work a lot on Monday and Tuesday. I tried to prepare as much as possible, so I won’t have too much to catch up on Friday. So nothing interesting on Monday and Tuesday at all. Wednesday was supposed to be more interesting and eventful because I travelled to Amsterdam that day. 😉 The Entourage Group invited me to spend two days with them in Amsterdam to learn more about their hotels as well as restaurants. We stayed at the Sir Albert Hotel, which is so beautiful. The bed is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in. Didn’t want to leave the bed at all x) But we had a full schedule. On Wednesday, we visited five of their restaurants: the Duchess, Mr Porter, Momo, Izakaya and The Butcher. We also had the chance to see the Max Brown Hotel including one of their rooms. This hotel is more cosy and easy-going than the Sir Albert, but still pretty nice. We had the chance to try lots of the dishes they serve at their restaurants. Guys, you won’t believe how much I ate these two days in Amsterdam, and everything was so delicious. Wouldn’t mind getting spoiled like this every day. 😉 My favourite restaurant was The Duchess, but the other ones weren’t bad either. So whenever you’re in Amsterdam, go to at least one of those restaurants and treat yourself with a delicious meal.

Another highlight of my trip to Amsterdam was definitely the boat tour, where we got to see Amsterdam from the water and NOT the way all the canal cruises shows it 😉 When you’re in Amsterdam you should rather rent a small boat than taking one of the touristic tours.

We left Amsterdam on Thursday, and I arrived safely back home in the evening. I fell asleep very early because I had to get up early on Friday to shoot two very interesting looks. My sister and I were helping a friend, who had to create to make up looks as a part of her final tests. You can see the results in my Snapchat video 😉

Favourite Song of the past week: Ruederich – Top of the World (Marek Hemmann Remix)

Material Craving of the past week: we all need more cut summer dresses, don’t we? Here are two pretty nice ones I would love to wear: Reclaimed Vintage T-Shirt Dress and this Free People dress.

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