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Schlagwort: 10-2012

Leopard Cross

Unlike the last weekend with 20°C and sunshine, this weekend it was cold, the sun was missing and I was freeeeeezing – brrr.. Winter is setting in way too fast 🙁 Hope you guys had a great weekend and wish you a relaxed Sunday 🙂

For the last time ?! Part II

This is the second look from the last weekend. And the second day in autumn wearing flats. 🙂 And it seems that this was definitely the last chance to wear flats in 2012. 🙁 Today I’m freezing again..

black and white

Good morning 🙂 Last week I received this shirt from one of my favourite e-shops It’s very comfortable and I like the black and white combo. What do you think? Have a great day!

For the last time ?! Part I

This weekend a bit of „summer“ came back. We had up to 21°C and the sun was shining 🙂 So I took this chance and wore flats again – maybe for the last time this year 🙁 But just as I’m going to miss the summer I’m looking forward to wear outfits with boots, to …

Metallic Yarns

As I promised here is the second post of today, a new outfit post! Last week I bought this jumper with wool and some metallic yarns at Mango. Perfect for fall and it will be perfect for winter as well 🙂 Do you like my new jumper as much as I do? 🙂

Sporty Chic

On Tuesday I showed you my new Nike Air Max and here is the first outfit wearing them 🙂 Hope you like it!

Boyfriend Shirt

First post of today: a black and grey look with some golden details. At the moment black is probably my favorite color to be dressed up in and I love to combine it with white or as you can see in this outfit with grey. But the black&gold combo is the craziest thing for me. …

Red Dress

After weeks of wearing jeans and shorts I decided it is time to wear a dress again! I chose this look for a nice day in fall, when the sun was shining and it wasn’t that cold. For today I leave you with this post. For tomorrow I’ve two new posts waiting to be published. …

Wellness Weekend Day 2

Second and last  day of my Wellness Weekend. After breakfast and sauna we had to leave. A short but great trip 🙂 Wish you a great day guys!