We bloggers get a lot of emails from PR agencies and brands asking for collaborations, for opportunities to work together. But let’s ne honest: we’re not excited about every single one we receive, are we? Maybe we don’t like the brand, or maybe you’re getting nothing out of the “partnership” they are talking about. It doesn’t matter what the reason is you don’t want to work with that agency or brand. But how you say that in a graceful way?

No, thank you

How to say “No, thank you!” to blogger opportunities

It’s important to know what you should get paid for and when to say no. If you don’t know yet, think about it and create your price model for different kinds of collaborations. The work and time you put into your blog is worth something, is worth money. Or do you think the people requesting a collaboration work for free?! When you know what kind of collaborations and partnerships your willing to do, you’re ready to negotiate, and of course decline offers you don’t like. In the following you can find some examples how to say “No, thank you!” to an offer you don’t want to accept:

You could ignore it, but…

To ignore a request might seem to be the easiest way, but it isn’t polite. Send a short message, that you’re not interested and give a brief reason. Maybe you want to work with this brand or agency sometime in the future, so it’s always better to treat them they way you expect for yourself. BUT if it’s obvious, that they sent you a non-personal circular email, and that they do not know your blog, you can ignore it for sure..

Make a counteroffer

You like the brand asking for collaboration, but you don’t like the offer they just made? Give them a reason you have to say “No, thank you!” and make a counteroffer. Maybe you could explain the different kinds of collaborations you usually do, how many time and work you put into them and what you expect to get paid. And of course, don’t forget to mention what the brand is getting out of these collaborations. They might not fit the brands expectations, but it’s easier to find a compromise when the brand know your expectations and all the possibilities you offer.

Just say “No, thank you!”

There is no way you’re going to want to work with the brand that sent you the request? Just say “No, thank you!”, but always remember to be polite.

For you as a blogger it is necessary not to say “Yes” to all the requests and offers you get. Don’t sell yourself and your blog work short, be exclusive and choose wisely! Don’t do everything for free or just in exchange for clothes. You should always ask for something else in exchange, if it’s not money, ask for a share or backlink!