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Brown Leather Jacket

Fashion Weeks are not only about shows, tradeshows and showroom visits. They are also about blogger events, and those events are usually more casual than the shows and everything else. That’s why the second VILA Fashion Week outfit I put together is way more casual and comfortable than the first one. It actually is an …
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Two-Toned Denim and White Shirt

Happy Monday guys! Today Fashion Week in Berlin starts, so this week is going to be very busy! I won’t be able to share my latest looks and Fashion Week related content this week, that’s why I prepared a couple of posts. Even though I am having a very busy week, I want to share …
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Off Shoulder to One Shoulder

Happy Wednesday y’all! Those who follow me on Instagram might already know that I am travelling to Paris today. I will be in this beautiful city until tomorrow only to join a Havaianas party tonight. And since we are arriving quite early today, I have a full day to stroll around Paris before the party …
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Pink Shirt with Ruffles

It’s Thursday already, and I still have so much work to get done, so much I won’t be able to finish it until tomorrow. Sometimes I really could need an extra day every week. Or let’s say two extra days, one more day for work and another weekend day. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂 Anyways, …
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Blue Velvet Boots

Happy Wednesday folks! As you might have noticed, it is very calm on the blog this week. One of the reasons is that the weather makes it very hard to go outside and take new outfit pictures and another reason is, that I had to focus on other things the past days. I had to …
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