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Striped Shirt

The outfit I want to share with you today is one of my favourites of the last week! As you can see, it was quite warm that day and – of course, I was wearing a jacket – wasn’t freezing while we were taking these pictures. We actually wanted to take pictures in the sun, …
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Striped Playsuit

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Time goes by so fast, and today we’re finally driving to Cologne for the The Weeknd concert. I’m soooo excited, I’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time, and you cant’ believe how happy I am, we got tickets for the concert. Even though I still don’t …
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Turtleneck x Lace Up Sweater

Cold winter days call for warm outfits, and this necessity begets ingenuity. I was wearing my warm winter sweaters a couple of times this season already, and there’s a point where it gets pretty boring to wear them again and again. I always feel like I’m dressed in the same outfit every day, even when …
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Velvet Dress over Jeans

I’m so happy it’s finally Friday! Only a couple of more hours at the office, trying to get as much work as possible done and then it’s time for a relaxed weekend. I’ll do nothing tonight, and I don’t want to do anything tomorrow. On Sunday I’ll probably shoot a couple of things with my …
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In the autumn sun

Autumn definitely isn’t my favourite season of the year, but there’s actually nothing to complain about on a beautiful, sunny autumn day. Unfortunately, these sunny autumn days are way too seldom. I think we had less than five sunny days in October here in Berlin and November probably won’t be any better. Since we had …
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Trenchcoat and striped Sweater

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing week! I’m taking it a little bit easier than the past weeks this week and have spent a lot of time at the office so far. This might not sound like taking it easy, but it actually is. I want to focus on …
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