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How to wear casual chic: striped sweater and black blazer

After sharing an outfit I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about yesterday, it is time for the kind of outfit I enjoy wearing the most: a casual chic outfit. It is the outfit I was wearing on Tuesday, a quite busy day at the office. It was the day before I headed to Hamburg and …
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Is one-shoulder still in fashion?

First of all: you know, that I don’t think much of trends. Of course, they affect me – that’s part of the blogger business I guess. But I would never NOT wear something because it is not in fashion. And I also would never wear something just because it is in fashion. So that’s why …
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Striped Body with a low neckline

Today is the day I am already sharing the last Fashion Week Outfit we took pictures of. I mentioned before that I didn’t have the time to shoot every single outfit I was wearing, but at least I can share my two favourite outfits. The one I shared yesterday and the one I am sharing …
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Black and White in Paris

As I promised yesterday, this week I am sharing everything about the trip to Paris last week. But before I tell you more about the Havaianas party – the reason I flew over to Paris – I want to share the outfit I was wearing on our arrival day. We arrived quite early in the …
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Leather Skirt x Striped Tee

Happy Monday, I hope you guys had a great weekend! What were you up to? Did you have the time to relax and recharge your batteries? Or were you on the road all weekend? I had a very peaceful weekend and enjoyed the perfect weather to the fullest. We also had the time to take …
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Striped Off-Shoulder Playsuit

Oh, how much I love summer in Berlin! It was too cold for a too long time here in Berlin, but almost two weeks ago the temperatures finally raised and stayed around 20°C. We even had some very hot days with more than 25°C. And I am so happy that I finally can wear all …
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