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Vlog #8 – Five exercises for a strong body

I’ve been talking a lot about running the past weeks and totally forgot about the whole workout around. I have to confess, that even I didn’t do my workouts as regularly as I used to do during the past weeks… I focused on running even though it’s important to do your exercises in addition to …
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Odlo Girls Time: House-Running in Berlin

  Those who follow me on Instagram might already know that I did have not only a busy time but also an eventful and kind of adventurous time last week. I was in three different cities (Rome, Berlin and London) and walked down the front of a house in between. Odlo invited to “Odlo Girls …
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TRX Core Exercises for defined abs and a strong back

While I’m on my way to Stockholm, it’s time for the second part of Sophia’s (Fit & Fab) and my little TRX series. How did you like the first part we shared with you last Monday? Have you already tried some of the TRX Upper Body Exercises we showed you? If you’re not sure about …
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Keeping Fit with Adidas StellaSport

Keeping fit while traveling or staying in another country for a while isn’t easy and I’ll tell you more about how I’m keeping fit during my three-month stay in Australia pretty soon. Today’s post is only a little preview to start this new topic on and to show you my colourful Adidas StellaSport workout …
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