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I can’t believe how fast the temperatures dropped. About two weeks ago I was wearing this outfit, and I wasn’t freezing at all. But when I would wear this outfit right now, I would probably be cold when wearing only a t-shirt underneath the jacket. I hope temperature will rise one last time before autumn…

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Flower Dress x Boots

Happy Friday everyone! Those who follow me on Snapchat already know, that we worked from home this week. Internet wasn’t working at the office, so we had to work from home. But that wasn’t bad at all, because when working from home it’s easier to shoot new outfits. I don’t have to choose a look…

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Comfy yet Chic Jumpsuit

Happy Friday! This week feels like it’s not ending at all. I had a horrible night on Monday and since then I’m super tired every single day, could fall asleep right now while I’m sitting in front of my monitor writing this new post. The weather changes all the time make me tired! Zzzzz… It’s…

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The Basics

Finally, finally, finally! Finally we had the chance to shoot some new outfit pictures. Since our camera got broken, we didn’t know what to do. We don’t have another camera, so we had to borough one. This camera isn’t as good as our own, but at least it is a camera and we can take…

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All White

Sunday Funday! What are your plans for today? Whatever you’re up to today, here is another outfit to start your day with and hopefully to inspire you for today’s look. Enjoy! 🙂 Chic Rich & Royal Outfit Rich & Royal might be well-known for their denim and leather styles. Well, that’s what I used to…

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Rich & Royal

You all know how much I LOVE leather jackets! Actually I really don’t know how many leather jackets I own right now… but I really love all of them, because each has something special – all of them are not created equal! 🙂 Today I would like to introduce the newest member of my leather…

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