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Fishnet Socks and Ruffle Shirt

Hello and greetings from Portugal! While you’re reading this, I’m probably sitting by the pool, exploring Lisbon or enjoying some quality time at the beach… whatever I’m doing; I am doing it in Portugal. But while I’m writing this, I am still sitting at the office in Berlin. As I mentioned last week, I prepared …
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Casual Office Outfit and a sea of lights

We usually take outfit pictures whenever the weather is good, and we have the time to do it. Due to this I usually have about two outfits I can use for the upcoming days. But since the weather around the Christmas holidays was very bad, we couldn’t take new outfit pictures, and I run out …
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Trenchcoat and striped Sweater

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing week! I’m taking it a little bit easier than the past weeks this week and have spent a lot of time at the office so far. This might not sound like taking it easy, but it actually is. I want to focus on …
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Flower Dress x Boots

Happy Friday everyone! Those who follow me on Snapchat already know, that we worked from home this week. Internet wasn’t working at the office, so we had to work from home. But that wasn’t bad at all, because when working from home it’s easier to shoot new outfits. I don’t have to choose a look …
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