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How to wear an embroidered blazer

While you are reading this, I am probably still on the plane on my way to Bali. We left yesterday evening around 10 pm and will arrive at 11 pm local time in Bali tonight. Yep, it takes a while to get there, and I hope it will be worth it. And I am quite …
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How to combine a white shirt dress

I am back in Berlin and finally back to work. Well, I just arrived, because my flight was at 8.30 am this morning. Those who follow me on Instagram know what I am talking about, those who don’t might not know it. So let’s start from the beginning. My brother turned 21 on Monday, and …
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Off Shoulder to One Shoulder

Happy Wednesday y’all! Those who follow me on Instagram might already know that I am travelling to Paris today. I will be in this beautiful city until tomorrow only to join a Havaianas party tonight. And since we are arriving quite early today, I have a full day to stroll around Paris before the party …
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One Shoulder Sweater

This week I am sharing some of my favourite summer outfits from the past weeks. 🙂 I never planned my outfits in advance or had everything put together the evening before, but a while ago I actually did plan a couple of summer looks I wanted to wear, and it turned out to be very …
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