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Denim Shorts and Blue Shirt

I want to start this post with telling you, that I am flying to Barcelona today. This trip was booked quite spontaneous, and I am more than excited to leave Berlin for a week and get to enjoy some sunshine and warmer temperatures in Spain. The reason why we are flying to Barcelona is a …
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Pink Shirt with Ruffles

It’s Thursday already, and I still have so much work to get done, so much I won’t be able to finish it until tomorrow. Sometimes I really could need an extra day every week. Or let’s say two extra days, one more day for work and another weekend day. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂 Anyways, …
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Blue Velvet Boots

Happy Wednesday folks! As you might have noticed, it is very calm on the blog this week. One of the reasons is that the weather makes it very hard to go outside and take new outfit pictures and another reason is, that I had to focus on other things the past days. I had to …
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Asian Silk Bomber Jacket

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is our last day at the office before we’re heading to Portugal on Monday and guess what? I’m super excited. But before I can get ready for this trip, I have a lot of work to get done. This week has been intense, I spent most of the time at the office …
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Green Bomber Jacket, Black Jeans

Happy Tuesday folks! I’m flying to Morocco in two days and are so looking forward to it! Can’t wait to spend some days in the sun, surfing and exploring a place I haven’t been so far. Of course, I’ll also take a lot of pictures for you guys, but for now, I only have an …
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