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IQ+ Berlin Parka

Those who follow me on Instagram already know that I visited the IQ+ Berlin Pop-Up store in Berlin almost two weeks ago. I’ve known this brand for a couple of years now; I think it was during my two weeks internship in school about 8 or 9 years ago when I first saw their parkas…

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Get your parka out, it’s autumn!

FIRYAY! The weekend is coming closer, and there are only a couple of hours of work left before it’s time to relax and recharge. Who else can’t wait for the weekend to begin? The weather forecast says that’ll be mostly sunny in Berlin this weekend and I hope they’re right. Autumn is so much more…

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Iconic Piece

The parka, an iconic piece perfect for spring, autumn as well as gloomy summer days. As I mentioned yesterday, the past days has been very gloomy, rainy and cold and therefore, I have to leave my summer clothes at home and get all my transitional clothes out. As sad as I am about the fact…

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Everyday Outfit

It’s already Thursday, what means it’s almost weekend. 🙂 Well, it’s not the weekend I’m looking for, it’s next week, because it’s Fashion Week in Berlin!! This year I wanted to take it easy… we’ll see x) Anyways, it’s Thursday and I’ll talk a lot about the MBFWB next week. Everyday Outfit Today I want…

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Red Zipper Parka

Time flies.. there are only two weeks left until christmas. Do you have all your christmas gifts and do you already know what to wear? Neither do I! 😉 While we are talking about christmas, the parka I was wearing when we shot these pictures was a christmas gift von my parents last year and…

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Zebras on Sunday

before showing you the other outfits I wore during these great days full of sunshine and hot temperatures, here is a look I wore last week during the ice saints. It seems that the last week was an animal-week: zebra shirt and a cow fur vest 🙂 Have a great sunday x

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