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Metallic Puffer Jacket combined with Baggy Jeans

From snowy and cold Oslo back to cold but not so snowy Berlin and another outfit I was wearing during Berlin Fashion Week about two weeks ago. Before I continue sharing all the outfits we took pictures of in Oslo, I first want to finish off with all the outfits that are left from Berlin …
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NYE Outfit 2017: Velvet Dress and Metallic Top

The last night of the year is coming closer, and you still don’t know what to wear? No worries, I prepared a couple of NYE outfit inspirations for you guys. I put together six NYE outfits in total and already shared four of them. Those who stop by regularly on the blog might have seen …
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How to combine a silver skirt

It is a new week, and I am kicking it off with a new outfit post here in the blog. I know, the weather in Germany hasn’t been the best lately. It was raining a lot and cold, and this outfit actually isn’t something we can wear here at the moment. BUT it is supposed …
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Denim Summer

Good morning folks. Are you ready for another outfit post? We weren’t able to shot any new outfits during the last days, but I took full advantage of the perfect summer days last week, so I luckily have something to share with you today 🙂 Every Summer is Denim Summer I love denim, and I …
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Gold Coast

During our roadtrip from Brisbane to Sydney we passed a lot of beautiful places and cities and to be honest it was hard not to stop everywhere and to enjoy the moment for a while before continuing the trip. Australia is such a beautiful country and I already miss it – especially, because it’s way …
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Flounce Skirt

Today I wanna share one of my favourite outfits from Sydney so far. 🙂 These pictures were taken yesterday after a huge workout, another shooting and a bit of work. Flounce Skirt I bought this skirt a couple of days before my flight to Sydney, it was one of those Last-Minute-Buys, because I just had …
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