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Black Maxi Dress and a Touch of Red

The past days I barely shared any outfit pictures, because I still had so much Fashion Week related content as well as other topics I wanted to talk about. But today it’s finally time for a new outfit post, and I promise, I’ll share another outfit tomorrow and even more outfits next week 🙂 The …
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When the sun goes down

It seems to be a throwback kinda week because I’m finally sharing the last unpublished pictures from July with you. Yesterday I showed you the pictures we took at the Holi Festival in Berlin and today I want to share these pictures we took while the sun was going down in Berlin. It was one …
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Marine Dress

It’s the weekend yaaay! Do you have any special plans? Well, we’ll definitely enjoy this beautiful weather, because it’s finally a bit warmer and the sun is out! Can’t wait to shoot some summery outfits, to eat icecream or frozen yoghurt – this decision still has to be made – and maybe will go for …
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Flower Child

Usually I don’t post my favourite looks on a Saturday, because as a blogger you usually have less visitors on Saturday – especially during the summer time 😉 But I didn’t want to wait much longer, because we shot these pictures almost two weeks ago.. Floral Maxi Dress As I already told you yesterday, maxi …
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Black Maxi Dress

I really love this kind of dresse, but for a long time I couldn’t find the right one for me. What do you think about this one I found at 🙂 This is another scheduled post for you 🙂 If you want to know what I’m doing this week check my instagram and facebook.