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White Denim Skirt

Guys, the past days almost felt like summer in Berlin. Even though some days were still rainy and gloomy, we had up to 20°C every day, and I was wearing shorts or skirts almost every day without freezing. It feels great to walk around with bare legs and to feel the rays of the sunshine …
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Hoodie x Blazer

Happy Monday, happy new week! Today is a public holiday in Germany, but since I didn’t share that many posts last week, I didn’t want to take today off as well. So while I am probably spending a very calm day at home, working a little bit and probably watching a lot of Netflix, you …
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SINNER | SAINT – Grey Hoodie

The days are finally getting longer here in Berlin, and the temperatures are rising as well. Sometimes it almost feels like spring already and I can’t wait for this season to arrive finally! The other day we were taking these pictures just in front of our office. The sun was shining all day, and it …
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Time for a comfy weekend

Good morning and happy Friday y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week so far and that the weekend is going to be even better. Today I want to share two outfit inspirations for those who are looking forward to a very relaxed and calm weekend. Together with Onepiece I created to very comfy outfits …
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Short break between meetings

Happy Tuesday guys! Those who follow me on Snapchat might already know, that our camera got broken two weeks ago and that we’re still waiting for the new one. You can’t believe how “naked” I feel, it’s almost impossible to shoot new outfits or anything else. I say almost because we luckily had the chance …
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leather x rubber

Since Wednesday it’s raining all the time in Berlin -.- not the kind of weather I prefer. But luckily I have my rain boots for those days. Because I’m tired of my winter coats and jackets I wore my beloved leather jacket again with a warm hoodie beneath. I love this look. What about you? …
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