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Dublin Video & Souvenir

One week after I came back from Dublin, it’s time to share the video with you + some pictures of the special souvenir I “took” home. Well, you might already know it, don’t you? I GOT A NEW TATTOO, tattoo no.4 😀 Since I already told you a lot about my stay in Dublin, I…

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Dublin Day 3

I’m back in Berlin guys, so it’s time to share the last post from Dublin with you before my everyday life starts again 😉 How I spent my last (half) day in Dublin? You won’t believe it, when you didn’t see it on my IG or Facebook 😉 Well, I got a new tattoo –…

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Dublin Day 2

Good morning folks! It’s Sunday aka my last day in Dublin, so I just have a few hours left before I’ll drive to the airport. But let’s talk about our second day in Dublin. As I already told you we started the day – after we had breakfast of course – at St. Stephens Green.…

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Dublin Day 1

As you guys already might know, I’m currently in Dublin visiting my sister during her internship. We arrived Thursday night (well, it was already Friday) after a delayed flight and were pretty tired when we had to get up at 8.30 (!) to have breakfast.. so our first day was all about COFFEE! We spent…

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