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Heeled Rain Boots

As much as I love travelling around I hate the fact that I have to catch up on all the work I couldn’t do. The two days in Paris were amazing, and I enjoyed it to the fullest, tried to work as well, but couldn’t finish as much work as I would have at the …
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There’s something about black

There’s not a lot to talk about today. The week has just begun and I have a lot of work to do. After three months in Australia I really have to get back on track. Of course, I tried to do as much as possible over there, but you can’t work in another country as …
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Icasia Ln

First of all: I swear I was wearing shorts! x) Well, maybe it wasn’t the best decision to combine this long tank top with a pair of really short shorts, because it really looks as if I’m wearing nothing underneath… Icasia Ln Bondi The Icasia Ln isn’t a special lane in my Bondi neighbourhood, but …
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I’m back in Sydney, but I still have a few post from our roadtrip and of course from our stay in Melbourne, so let’s continue with another shoot we did somewhere on the road between Canberra and Horsham. Railway Crossing We came across a lot of nice shooting locations, but unfortunately we couldn’t stop at …
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Secret Layering

Winter is the season of layering. Layering can be really tough, because your outfit has to keep you warm and to look nice at the same time. But don’t worry, it is possible to create chic or at least nice layering outfits. The best about layering is, that it can give your outfits something special. …
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Life is better on the beach

Is there a better feeling than digging your toes into the sand or when the water is pulling the sand out from under your feet? Life is better on the beach It definitely is, I can’t imagine a summer vacation without the sea and it’s beaches. Beach means relaxation and fun at the same time. …
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