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Is the camo trend back?!

We talked a lot about me not being interested in current trends. Of course, I get influenced by them as well since they dominate the newest collections of the brands and can be found all over the internet and in stores. But I do not only wear what is in fashion; I mostly wear what …
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Camouflage and Black

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m still a little bit sick, but feeling much better today. I even made it to the gym today and did a little workout. Of course, I took it easy, because I’m still not 100 percent fit, but I really need to get in shape for our Sri Lanka trip in January. …
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The Whatever Camouflage Bomber

Damn it, is it really already Thursday?! Where has the time gone? It’s always the same; I have too much to do and too little time. 😉 But I really don’t want to complain today. I just want to share a new outfit post with you today. The weather in Berlin still isn’t pretty nice. …
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