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Hoodie x Blazer

Happy Monday, happy new week! Today is a public holiday in Germany, but since I didn’t share that many posts last week, I didn’t want to take today off as well. So while I am probably spending a very calm day at home, working a little bit and probably watching a lot of Netflix, you …
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All black for the win

Happy Monday! Since I have no more Sri Lanka outfit pictures I could share with you on the blog, it’s time to get back to reality aka back to winter outfits shot in Berlin. I really had my problems going outside, well first dressing up for the cold, then going outside and taking new pictures …
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White Sneakers for the Win

While you’re reading this, I’m probably getting ready to leave for Munich! My flight is at midday, and I’m very excited for today and, of course, tonight! If you still don’t know what I’ll do in Munich, check my Instagram and Snapchat! 😉 Because I won’t tell you more on the blog today. Today’s blog …
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I see Blue

Good morning everyone! I just arrived in London and can’t wait to spend the next two days in this beautiful city. It’s not my first time in London, it’s the fourth or fifth, but I just realised that the last time I visited this city was almost four years ago. And nearly four years are …
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Over the Knee

Finally Friday! I already told you that this week has been very busy and intense. A lot of work and I’m short on sleep – not only because of all the work but also because Jimmy (our dog) kept us awake for two nights in a row… I guess you can see that in the …
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new, but old: my studded boots

Back to black and grey with today’s new outfit post. Looks like the outfits got darker from day to day this week. x) Light blue jeans on Wednesday, dark blue jeans on Thursday and dark grey jeans today. Which colour do you prefer? I usually choose black jeans because they work with everything, but sometimes …
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