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Comfort First

Happy Friday folks! As I told you in this post I was planning to share more outfits wearing beanies for these last weeks in Berlin. No sooner said than done: Grey Beanie What’s your favourite beanie colour? Do you like it simple in black or grey or do you like it colourful? If I would …
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(Big) Squared

Since we were talking about colourful oufits yesterday, here comes another black and red look with some white details. Enjoy it! Big Squared Jacket Small Big squared Jacket in red, white and black in combination with an almost total black outfit? Yes, please! You might have noticed that I’m wearing a lot comfy oufits lately.. …
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Comme des fuckdown – the motto of these rainy days 😉 It’s hard for me to chose a perfect outfit for a rainy day, because I want it to be functional and at the same time I don’t want it to be boring.. However, I hope you like it 🙂